About the interior design

The making off….

The challenge in making a good interior plan for the Stoney Brooke house was to apply modern and contemporary furniture but also conserve the typical mansion style.
The most important spots for every house are the dining areas. The outdoor dining area is situated at the heart of the house and for this spot I designed a huge 360 x 90 cm. table. The table top is made of ancient tiles which i imported from Italy. The Table base is made of firm and solid metal. The 8 / 10 seats are partly chairs from real Rotan and partly low stools of solid teakwood.
For the kitchen I applied my “Pantalone” table. This is a table with a surface of concrete and legs covered by cow hide. ( See enclosed picture) . For the 8 kitchen chairs I have chosen for my model: Apollo with a red frame and red eco leather seats : . https://ruudbosdesign.nl/product/voorbeeld-product-4/

to be continued………………..